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 Unofficial Shamen Forum Rules - Read This First

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Unofficial Shamen Forum Rules - Read This First Empty
MensajeTema: Unofficial Shamen Forum Rules - Read This First   Unofficial Shamen Forum Rules - Read This First Icon_minitimeVie Oct 07, 2011 4:42 am

We want everybody to enjoy their experience on this Forum, and with that in mind there are a few Forum guidelines and rules to which all users MUST adhere:

Discussion - You are free to discuss any Unofficial Nemeton-related matters on this Forum. The definition of "Unofficial Nemeton-related" is of course contextual and the final decision regarding off-topic posts rests with our Moderators. If deemed off-topic, your message might be moved to a more appropriate Forum or removed completely. The one exception is the "Off-Topic" Forum, in which you are free to discuss any matters you feel might be of interest to this community, but be advised that all the other rules here still apply and the Moderators will be watching.

Posting - Before posting on our Forums, please have a look around the various Forum headings and the Topics within each and use the "search" function to see whether your topic is already being discussed.

If it's not already on the Forum, please don't just post your message any old where, but instead begin a new Topic in an appropriate Forum. When creating a new Topic, make the Topic name as descriptive as possible, i.e. "Any thoughts?" is not going to help anyone find your discussion, but "Thoughts on the UV LP" might.

Worldwide variations in idiom, irony, sarcasm and general humour mean that posts can easily be misunderstood. Please keep this in mind when writing, and use the emoticons where appropriate to show that you are joking, if you are , and be patient if your point is misunderstood or misread.

Acceptable Behaviour - Please be aware that our Moderators are very active and WILL see your posts. Racist, abusive, threatening, sexual or inflammatory remarks, swearing or otherwise offensive language, or posts to mp3 or torrent sites containing illegal The Shamen/Others bands material will NOT be tolerated.

Any user not adhering to these stipulations will, in the first instance, receive a written warning from an Admin or Moderator. If they persist in their inappropriate behaviour then they will be de-registered and banned without further notice. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

All decisions of the Admins or Moderators are final. If you should for any reason feel you have been treated unfairly, please email with a detailed explanation of your situation.

Please enjoy your time on the Unofficial Nemeton Forums. We look forward to reading your posts!

The Uranian Sunlight / Unofficial Nemeton Admin team
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Unofficial Shamen Forum Rules - Read This First
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